I have created this site following on from the sad loss of the Fotopic website which I had spent many months on so it has taken some time and commitment to start afresh but am now seeing the fruits of that labour.

I've been a railway enthusiast since the 1980s and for many years from the mid 80s to the mid 90s I enjoyed the dying art of bashing. Many photos were taken from trips out by train to record the now long gone memories. Obviously some photographs on here are scanned from prints rather than from negatives which form the majority of the recent collections. I am now fully digital and use a Nikon D80 camera.

Since the 1990s I have concentrated on the video side which has given me many hours of enjoyment from the lineside supplememnted by digital photography where possible.

I hope you enjoy the site and any feedback welcome.

The site is currently being developed utilising old fotopic collections.

Best Wishes